Guitar for Beginners Course by Glorious Music School

Guitar for Beginners course by Glorious Music School

The Glorious Music School stands as an institution dedicated to the expansion of the study of music. The Glorious Music School was especially established to cultivate musical skills and knowledge. This musical school offers a variety of programmes with various musical instruments and practices. From classical to contemporary styles, everything is practiced here. Students explore their musical talent and develop their passion through practical and theoretical curriculum and learning. This school is also famous for guitar education. This school provides guiter classes, specially Guitar for Beginners Course are available here.

Guiter course structure design by several modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to the Guitar: This module covers different parts of the guitar and their functions. Introduce various types of guiter, how to hold guiter in the right posture, how to comfortably play, etc.
  • Module 2: Guiter Techniques: This module covers how to tune guiter, learning basic chords like G, C, and D chords.
  • Module 3: This part introduces guiter rests, guiter rhythm, guiter tablature, and understanding chord diagrams. This is very helpful for beginners.
  • Module 4: Playing Guiter- This module covers how to sing choruses, bridges, etc. How to play a song in Guiter.
  • Module 5: Syncopation Techniques- This module covers totally basic knowledge of fingerstyle playing and teaches how to improve fingertips techniques.
  • Module 6: This module introduced various chords and their transitions. Learn about how to decorate your playing by guiter.

Guitar for Beginners

Curriculum and Programme of Guitar Classes at Glorious Music School:

The instructors design the beginner guitar classes to guide students through them in a structured way. The curriculum is mainly performance-based. This technique helps students learn various guitar techniques and music genres. We conducted a total of guitar classes in approximately 24 to 30 sessions. Students can explore different types of guitars, like basic guitar, scales, basic chords, strumming techniques, and western harmony.

Faculty of the Glorious Music School:

The music center involves skilled and experienced guitar faculty members. The faculty at Glorious Music School are experienced. The educators who are experts in their musical field are working here. This music school maintains a traditional teaching method with discovery practices. Masters classes and music workshops are provided by experienced faculty.


  • Rehearsal Studios: The Glorious Music Education School in Mumbai is well associated with various resources. The school has multiple rehearsal studios that include a variety of musical instruments and sound systems, including guitar. This rehearsal studio provides students with an ideal environment for growing their skills and knowledge about music.
  • Recording Studios: Art recording studios offer students the opportunity to explore their musical talent for guitar and experience music production and audio engineering fields. These studios have professional recording instruments (guitar) and software. We complete various high-quality production projects here.
  • Music library and concert Hall: The school’s music library houses a vast collection of music scores, books, and recordings. This resource is valuable for students research, learning, and exploring guitar musical history. Glorious Music School has more concert halls where students can perform in professional settings. This hall is mainly used for performances, live performances, and concerts.
  • Digital guitar tools and instruments: The students of Glorious Music School use digital learning tools, including music composition software, online learning platforms, and virtual simulators. These digital tools enhance students efficiency, interactiveness, and learning opportunities. Glorious Music Education School integrates modern digital tools into their Guitar for Beginners Course. They use contemporary software and pre-recorded music to make learning the guitar effective. Digital tools align with international music standards and the learning experience.

Guitar Classes in Mumbai

Student Service in the Guitar Department:

The Glorious Music School provides a unique student service to enhance the learning experience for guitar students. They provide counselling and care guidance to help students on their educational and professional paths in a guitar career. This service includes private lessons, flexible learning options, a comprehensive curriculum, workshops, music-making classes, and masters classes for industry practice. They also provide placement assistance.

Enrollment and Fees:

Interested students can enrol their names online or offline. Course fees include material resources a well.

Community Network:

The school has a community of current students and alumni. They collaborate on various projects and network. This community helps with professional growth and employment in the music industry.

Events and Activities:

The Glorious School likely hosts various guitar events and activities.

  • Group Learning Sessions: By doing group learning, students can learn from each other and share their experiences, which helps music grow.
  • Performance opportunities: Students can participate in a live guitar performance. Which is helping to collaborate with fellow guitar musicians.

Contact Number of Glorious Music School: +91 9076227998

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