Guitar Classes in Dadar


Guitar Classes in Dadar

Glorious Music School is a journey, not a destination! That journey begins in our beginner-level program for the novice guitar player, where students take full advantage of our unique performance-based teaching pedagogy. The beginner classes give you a structured, step-by-step approach in a friendly, supportive environment. The curriculum is designed taking into account that students have no prior musical background. If you are looking for the best guitar lessons in Dadar or Guitar classes in Dadar then Glorious Music School is the place you are looking for!

Performance And Duration Of Our Guitar Classes

  • Performance

A student completing the Beginner level will understand the idea and process of music such as how to play live with a group of musicians or record basic guitar parts for an entry-level composition of songs.

  • Duration

The course we offer (Beginners) has a great start-up potential to engage students which will take around 24 to 30 sessions and makes a student musically literate for a beginner and for the next level works out.

What You’ll Learn (Beginner Level):

  • Introduction to Guitar: Types (Acoustic/Electric), Different Parts of Guitar, Tuning of Guitar
  • Guitar Hand Position: Basic Body Posture and Hand Position When Playing Guitar
  • Overview of different music genres/great players/bands
  • Music Reading: Musical Pitch, Staff Notation, Rhythm Studies, Reading Tabs, Chord Charts
  • Introduction to Western Harmony
  • Chords: Basic open chords (major/seventh) / barre chords and suspended chords/power chords
  • Scales: Major Scale, Minor Scale, Pentatonic Scale, and Blues Scale
  • Arpeggios: Major Arpeggios and Minor Arpeggios
  • Strumming: How to strum a basic rhythm pattern and alternate between different strumming patterns
  • Guitar Technique: Finger Exercises (Alternate Picking Patterns) and Hammer On/Pull-Off
  • Repertoire/Style: Common chord progressions, riffs/intros of some popular tunes (a mix of Hindi and rock/pop), accompaniment to some popular songs in the style of rock music/Bollywood, and an introduction to the concept of basic soloing

After completing the beginner level (in 6-8 months), students can choose any of the following learning paths: Fingerstyle Guitar (Pop/Classical, Blues Guitar, and Rock/Metal)

Types of Learning

You can take/learn guitar lessons either in a group or one on one either physically by visiting our coaching academy or through live video calls.

The teachers are highly qualified, but also super approachable. Here you will find both practical and theory classes for all levels in your guitar learning journey. If you’re serious about music, enrol with the help of our website. You can also visit our institute for your Guitar classes in Dadar to know more.